Art Every Day Month – Final Thoughts

I’ve had a few days now to mull over what I accomplished during AEDM and I’m satisfied with the results.  I know that I ended up biting off more than I could chew, but mostly that was due to having a ton of other non-AEDM things happen in the beginning of November.  It was a bit strange taking time away from from my metalwork to focus on this, but that was my choice and I feel better for it.  I’m coming back to my jewelry refreshed and inspired.  I’m excited about finishing my Elements series and I’m wondering what will come next.

During this past month I’ve learned more about Photoshop Elements and what it can do (and what it can’t).  I’ve also remembered how to draw and a little bit about how to paint.  The collaging was fun (though messy) and I’m glad I chose that as my medium.  There are so many different things you can do with it that it helped me to stretch my ideas about what could be accomplished.

Creative wise, I had to think again about how to be representational in a different format than I’ve been using.  I used mindmapping/clustering exercises (thanks to Zoë Westhof!) which is something I don’t normally do, but it helped immensely while trying to figure out what I wanted my cards to be.  This may be something that I’ll use in the future, if not for my metalwork designs themselves, then for series or marketing or writing ideas.

As I designed the cards, I began to see how each of the elements depends on the others to make up our world.  Water needs earth to hold it, fire and air to turn it into clouds and rain.  Fire needs air to burn, wood for fuel, water to put it out, etc.  This interdependence is something that crosses over into the other thoughts I’ve been having lately about community, about how spirituality and art work themselves into daily life, and about how I can use more aspects of myself to create. 

Then of course the other benefits were all the views to my blog last month (best month ever by twice as much!), the comments I received, and the other artists that I was exposed to through the project.  All in all it was a worthwhile experience that I want to try and do again next year.  Maybe now I’ll work on non-metal art throughout the rest of the year just to keep me fresh and thinking in multiple perspectives. 

So what I want to say most of all is: Thank you Leah for hosting this experience!

And I did take those photos with my light tent for your viewing pleasure!

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