Giving Thanks

I know that everyone is probably busy today and that everyone had this same idea for a post this time of year, but today I will give thanks.

I thank my husband for all of his support, help, and motivation to get me into the studio.

I thank my family for the help they’ve given me.

I thank Radius Gallery and America Creates for representing me.

I thank everyone who bought a piece of my work.

I thank Cindy at Rockville Central for the web interview about VisArts Fest (and for buying my work!)

I thank the Herald Tribune,, Art Matters, and the Lancaster Sunday News for mentioning my work in their articles.

I thank everyone who put this blog in their blogroll.

I thank Creative Everyday for hosting Art Every Day Month.

I thank all the inspiring artists out there who continue to make great work.

I thank all the bloggers who write the inspiring, funny, and informative blogs in my feedreader.

I thank Twitter, Facebook, Crafthaus, and LinkedIn for keeping/putting me in touch with so many wonderful people.

I thank the Crafted Webmaster, Art Biz Blog, smARTist, and A.C.T. for the great artist business info.

I thank the Creative House of Lancaster, Lancaster Designer Craftsmen, PA Society of Goldsmiths, Washington Guild of Goldsmiths, and SNAG for keeping me connected to my fellow artists and metalsmiths.

I thank all the galleries and jurors who juried me in to their exhibitions.

I thank Randie Reilly for her holiday Jack’s Brat parties.

I thank all of my teachers who gave me direction and technical knowledge.

I thank all my suppliers for carrying what I need to make my art.

I am thankful that I can create and continue to have inspiration.

And most of all…. I am thankful for all of my regular, occasional, and new Hammermarks readers!

These thank yous are offered in no particular order and I am sure that this list hasn’t covered everybody that it should have.  But I am thankful for all of the good things and good people that I have in this life and can only do my best to return the favor and offer what I can in the form of my artwork and words.

Once again, Thank You.

About Wendy Edsall-Kerwin

Metal. To many it is hard, rigid, and immovable. But metal flows, bends, and can be worked over and over again. It is both industrial and
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2 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. And I thank you and other artists like you that take the time to visit and read my blog! Thanks so much for the kind remarks! :)

    Nicolette Tallmadge


  2. Jen* says:


    I really like this list of gratitude! Thank you for taking the time to write it and thank you for your encouraging comment about my doodles!
    ~ Jen*


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