Relaunch of America Creates

This week marks the relaunch of America Creates, an online gallery celebrating fine art and fine craft made by …Americans!  Yes, they represent me in the virtual world.  I joined when they were in beta phase and now they are full strength!  Here is a quote from their site letting you know what they’re about:

What’s the value of creativity?

A thought, an idea, an expression, a statement, an opinion, a purpose – creativity is alive and well in America. It shapes our views, enflames our passions, changes our perspective, strengthens our thoughts and invites us to take part. It’s happening everywhere and on every scale imaginable.

America Creates exists to help people tap into this enormous creative reservoir and also to help those who create to reach out in return. In the process, America Creates has become one of the country’s most vital and supportive networks for American art and fine crafts – providing a direct-to-public marketplace and a forum for the exchange of creativity in all its forms.

Whether you want to sell art, purchase art, join with like-minded individuals, promote an art-based business, offer classes, take classes or simply view art – America Creates is the connecting point.

Growing Creativity

America Creates reflects the diversity of the artists, artisans, co-ops, guilds, galleries, events, art schools and museums represented on our site. As such, we serve many purposes to many people:

  • America Creates is an Internet business that connects American artisans with a local, regional, national and worldwide markets.
  • America Creates is a showplace for creative goods and services produced by independent American artists and artisans.
  • America Creates raises awareness of the people, places and events that support creativity in their own communities.
  • America Creates fosters the education of future generations with learning experiences in the classroom and apprentice programs with local artists and artisans.
  • America Creates revitalizes the concept of community, inviting all to participate

What is the value of creativity to you?

From concept to community

America Creates brings together the enormous creative capacity of the human imagination with the powerful potential of today’s leading Internet technology. The result is a management team that understands the creative side as well as the business side of art.

 I like the idea of having an American Made online gallery that supports the artists.  That is why I chose to use them as my online store.  So please, check out their shop and resources, and of course, check out my work for sale too!