How to Care for Your Pieces

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  No one likes to have to polish their jewelry.  If it’s shiny, though, you’ll have to polish it to keep it that way.  I personally use Tarnishield© because it creates a barrier that helps protect your piece from tarnish for a longer period of time.  The best thing to do, of course, is to keep your piece from tarnishing in the first place.  You can do this by simply wearing it!  Wearing it often keeps it from tarnishing.  If you need to store a piece, it’s best to keep it in tissue paper and/or in an airtight plastic bag.

          If your piece has a patina on it then do not polish it.  Polish will remove the coloring of the work.  The color of the patina will naturally deepen over time.  If your skin turns green when wearing a copper or brass piece then once again the best thing to do is to wear it!  The natural oils in your skin will build up on the piece and create a barrier that will protect your skin.  In extreme cases, you can coat the back of the piece with an acrylic clear coat or clear nail polish.  However, both will yellow and wear off over time so I don’t recommend it.  So remember, wear your jewelry often to keep it clean and pretty!