Fun with Fold Forming

What I did today

What I did today

I had been meaning to put aside some time to just mess around in the studio for a while now, and today I finally managed to do just that.  I spent the afternoon just fooling around with some 24 gauge copper and brass trying out some new things.  I tried scoring using a steel wire, but I think that I should have used the copper for this particular trial.  It didn’t work out how I had hoped, so I decided to try and destroy the metal using fold forming techniques.  No, I didn’t take it to the limit, I’m still chicken.  But it did get some cool textures from pounding the crap out of it.

Two Diska and a Chased Cone Shape

Two Disks and a Chased Cone Shape

I also tried air chasing a cone shape, which I loved.  It was fun and you get a whole lot of work done in much shorter time compared with traditional chasing.  Another technique I enjoyed a lot was taking disks and putting v-folds into them

Fun with a Flanger

Fun with a Flanger

while incorporating some chasing as well.  You can see that I did one in copper that has four folds and one in brass where I went crazy and went for thirds.  Why do I do these things to myself?  At the end of the evening I decided to try the ribbon type fold and to mess with a brass tube that I had.  I also took a pipe flanger and the last photo shows my results with that using a t-fold in brass.  Sure it tore through a little, but that adds to its charm, right?

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9 Responses to Fun with Fold Forming

  1. Jodi says:

    You really did get some interesting looks from your “messing around”. I have some silver tin I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with, and now you have inspired me! I really want to do something with it that I can use along with clay, not sure yet, but I’ll come up with something, LOL

  2. Hi!
    I found you through my friend Lexi Erickson. Great blog. LOVE your work.
    Best wishes, Kathleen

  3. Taueret says:

    I really love these distressed metal pieces, I would love to learn to do that.

  4. ichia tiyi says:

    hi i’ve been experimenting with fold forming and i can’t get it to come out the way those fabulous designs of yours did…i folded, beat with the mallet, then the hammer but it seems as if i beat the mark out, i need help

    • hammermarks says:

      Have you looked in Charles Lewton-Brain’s fold forming book? That might be able to help you to better your forming technique. Or look for a workshop in your area where you can learn first hand with a teacher who can see what it is that you are doing.

  5. ichia tiyi says:

    hi there, what kind of patina do you use and what is your process? i am interested. is it something you can purchase? thank you

  6. Hammermarks says:

    It’s just the torch patina on everything except the copper disk and copper cone shape. Those have a liver of sulfur patina. LoS doesn’t work on brass or nickel, but works great on copper and sterling silver. I purchased mine from Rio Grande in dry form and then mix it as I need it.

  7. Jacqueline says:

    I really like how the chased cone shape came out. I’ve been contemplating playing around with that shape for a bracelet, but have a sneaky suspicion I’ll muck it up. Maybe today’s the day to try.

    On a different note. Do you seal heat-colored pieces to protect it? I have not been heat colouring for long enough to look at the affect tarnishing would have on it. What do you recommend?


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