Fall Exhibition at JAM Gallery Opening Reception

Hmm, that piece looks familiar. Check out it’s lovely friends…

This past Saturday was the first of two receptions that JAM Gallery in Malvern, PA is hosting for its Fall Exhibition. I was able to make it out there and it was packed full of great art and great people. There were a few artists who had been to the last opening, but a lot of other people I hadn’t met before. It was a fun night!

Here’s an otherworldly nook…

Aside from all the great conversation, there was a wonderful mix of art. Like at the Juried Exhibition last month, the mix of work was rather eclectic, yet it all seemed to belong together. There was another metal artist aside from myself, about three ceramicists, a pysanky artist, and an assemblage artist rounding out the sculpture. As for the 2D work, there was figurative, abstract, and ethereal landscapes. Looking at the pieces individually on the gallery website I wasn’t sure how it would all work together, but it flowed seamlessly in the space.

Another gorgeous grouping…

If you can, try to make it out to the October 11th reception from 5 – 8 (I won’t be able to make it, but you definitely should) or to one of the Third Thursday Malvern Stroll receptions. Or if you’re a bit of a recluse, go during their normal business hours: Wed & Thurs 11-6 PM, Fri & Sat 11-7 PM, and Sun 12-5 PM

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Alchemists and Elements

LSD – Elaine Sheffield Haag Lana Heckerdorn and Stephanie Long

Monday night was the big reveal for the Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s 2014 Group Challenge.

Basically, teams of 2-3 YBC artisans, each person of which works in a different medium, create an object based on a particular theme.  This year’s theme was “Earth, Wind, and Fire” which each team was to use to define the direction of the finished piece. We were free to interpret this theme any way we wanted to using the elements, the 70s band, or anything else as the inspiration.

Hay!FulBaer – Len Baer, Margaret Yoder Fultz and Cheryl Hayward

You can see that each team went in different directions and created totally unique pieces. I loved seeing how different everything turned out and the disparity of the themes and media used.

Then we everyone who attended the meeting go t to vote on their favorites in each of three categories. You can see the winners below. You might even find a familiar face in there.

Best Integration of Disparate Media

TerraPyrAer – Richelle Dourte, Kimberly Swenson and Debbie Cornman

Most Humorous

Out Of Our Gourds – Nolly Gelsinger, Joanne Bast and Dan Hayward Yes, that’s a Hobbit Hollow with an outhouse and everything!

Most Outrageous

Richelle Leigh-Walk, Dave Bowman and Thomas Bank

Best Interpretation of Theme

The Alchemists - Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, Christine Goldbeck and Don Kensinger

The Alchemists – Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, Christine Goldbeck and Don Kensinger

Elemental ©2014 Wendy Edsall-kerwin, Don Kensinger, Christine Goldbeck Brass, Copper, Stone, Oil Lamps, & Water Fountain

Elemental ©2014 Wendy Edsall-kerwin, Don Kensinger, Christine Goldbeck
Brass, Copper, Stone, Oil Lamps, & Water Fountain

After those awards were announced (with cute prizes like dirt themed desserts and pinwheels,) there was a special President’s Award for Camaraderie and Facebook Noteriety. Guess who won that one? That’s right, the Alchemists were double winners!

But truly, all the teams were winners because each piece was so creative and unique. I know I was able to start thinking in different ways by participating in this challenge. It really is different designing with other people. Christine, Don, and I were lucky that we meshed so well. I love how Elemental turned out.

Sharing the Insanity – Jennifer Daggs, AnnBoncal and Connie Hollenbaugh

Cronies 3 – Leslie Halaby-Moore, Joan Hiser and Catherine Stone

Timeless Elements – Lois Quigley Ashley New hard and Allen Swainston

Which one was your favorite? Would you ever work in a collaboration like this?

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September 2014 Foldforming Workshop Student Work

Action Shot

Action Shot

We had another great Foldforming class this past weekend and once again I am surprised by all the different ways that my students can create using just the four basic folds I teach.

Strangely, it seemed that this time around my students were interested in making super skinny folds, which is cool, but they’re very hard to open. It’s funny how there seems to be waves of what each class wants to try out.

Samples by Nicole Chase

Samples by Nicole Chase

Samples by Ken Hammel

Samples by Ken Hammel

Samples by Patricia Lawler

Samples by Patricia Lawler

Samples by Mackenzie Snader

Samples by Mackenzie Snader

There were also a number of what I call Subtle Folds; folds with a more fluid feel to them. Also, multiple hard folds on one piece, like side-by-side boat or T folds. We even had a surprise student: Mackenzie, the Guild’s workshop coordinator! It was fun, as always. Maybe next time you’ll join us…

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